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Savoring Christmas: 31 Days to Prepare Your Heart for the Messiah

My Christmas devotional, Savoring Christmas: 31 Days to Prepare Your Heart for the Messiah, is now available! We all know Christmas can be a crazy-busy time.We want to slow down and savor it, but, well, there are just too many cards to send, gifts to buy, and cookies to bake. Or are there? Savoring Christmas will stretch your perspective about Christmas by using everyday occurrences as reminders of how to truly prepare for the most magnificent gift ever. It will help you:

    • Find calm throughout a hectic season
    • Be better equipped to teach young children about Christmas
    • Understand and unwrap the gift of Christmas as if it is your first time celebrating it.

Available on Amazon and Nook.

Unlock the Secret to Contentment Necklaces

Do you know the secret to contentment? In a nutshell, it’s GRATITUDE (click here if you want the non-abbreviated version). These custom-made necklaces serve as a reminder to unlock the secret to contentment by intentionally being more grateful. Natassia from Nat’s Knapsack made these awesome necklaces for us (and she’s offering a 15% discount to you at her Etsy site to my incredible readers through May. Just enter unlock15 for the discount). The necklaces are interchangeable, so you can mix and match. 1) Pick out which length chain you want: 18″ (standard length) or 24″ 2) Pick out which key you want. I have plenty of keys #1 and #2. The rest are limited quantities. 3) Pick out which hand-stamped medallion you want, if any. OR, you can pick both for a fun or interchangeable effect. Necklace Collage

I personally love that as my key hits my “Unlocking the Secret” medallion, it chimes a bit, giving me a great reminder to stop and say thanks (think Pavlov!). Prices: 18″ or 24″ chain and 1 key: $15 18″ or 24″ chain, 1 key, and 1 hand-stamped medallion (“unlocking the secret” or “Phil. 4:12): $20 18″ or 24” chain, 1 key, and 2 hand-stamped medallions (“unlocking the secret” AND “Phil. 4:12”): $25

I’m Grateful Cards

Look what The Red Letter Paper Company designed for me! Isn’t it gorgeous? You can’t buy these anywhere other than here, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get this gratitude party going! gratimoment front

Inside of card

Inside of card

Back of card

Back of card



Seize the Gratimoment Mugs

These microwave and dishwasher safe mugs are a great way to start (or continue) your day by helping you think about what you’re grateful for (since gratimoment is just a fancy way of saying moments of gratitude!). Each mug comes with the beautiful, postcard-sized insert pictured below that explains the  meaning, making them great gifts, too!

“I have been dealing with computer problems all morning and am very frustrated! Now I am drinking from my gratitude mug and am praying for some gratitude. It’s a good reminder” ~Kerri Purple Seize the Gratimoment Mug

8 oz. purple mugs. $10 – Currently sold out

      Black Seize the Gratimoment mug 10 oz.  Black Mugs Microwave and dishwasher safe. Who wants to start their day with a cup of gratitude?$10

Please contact me if you wish to purchase anything from the store. Bulk discounts are available.

 Free Insert for Seize the Gratimoment Mugs: