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Come as You Are

A few months ago, I had to go to the courthouse. I despise going there, even if its just for jury duty. This particular occasion was for something more personal, something that pulls at my heart strings. Odds were high I’d walk out in tears and would be ready to drive back home and seek solace.


A dear, dear friend lives close to the courthouse. She’s just far enough away that I don’t get to see her often. And so, the internal pull: call her up and see if I could swing by after visiting the magistrate or play it safe and plan my safe retreat.

The battle continued, even as I talked to her on my drive to court. “I have no idea what shape I’ll be in once its over,” I said. “I’m not entirely sure you’ll even want me over.”

“Oh, Stacy, just come as you are.”

And so I did. I went to see Nancy once the court thing was over. We drank coffee. Shared. Laughed. Prayed. It was the very thing my heart most needed. I left her place refreshed and renewed. And I almost missed it all because I knew too well I didn’t have my act together.

But here’s what I really would have missed: the startling revelation that I can come. Just. As. I. Am.

There are days or sometimes long periods in which I have nothing to give, or so I feel. The court thing and other crazy stuff in life drain me and I long for solace, or perhaps for others to pour into me. But give? That’s a hard thing when you’re depleted.

Yet people like Nancy have taught me to still come. When I do, I walk away richer. They say they do, too (which blows my mind since I can’t fathom how a nothing-filled girl can give. Kudos to the One who keeps filling me, over and over and over).

But I’d be amiss if this lesson just taught me to be more comfortable letting my friends see the unkempt side (okay, sides!!) of me, for the value is so much greater.

I’m learning to do it with God, too. I can almost hear him chuckle much like Nancy did and say, “Stacy, remember that you almost didn’t show up because you thought you’d be a mess? I’m so glad you’re here.” And speaking of mess, I am! Sometimes my friends see it, sometimes my kids bear witness to it, sometimes its the cops who were at the scene of my Bubba’s accident and were more concerned about me, the one not involved in the accident, than Gabe or my mom.  Yes, that’s me. A beautiful mess.

God sees it, too. In fact, He created me and somehow adores those parts of me. And so I come.

What about you? Are you willing to let others see you even when you’re not at your best? What about your relationship with God? Do you only run to him when you’re depleted, or perhaps you do the opposite and stay at bay until you think you’re good enough to come?



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Welcome (Back, Home, Here)

You’ve heard me hint at it for months, this new site I thought would be here a while ago. Sometimes things are worth waiting for. I hope that’s the case for us here.

If you’ve been around (or visited me over at, you’ll notice that things look a bit different around here. The colors are different (oh, how I LOVE purple!!). So is the name. Apparently I was confusing people too much with the whole Stacy Voss AND gratimoments AND Eyes of Your Heart. What can I say? I’m the queen of confusion. But I’m trying not to inflict my curse on you. Hence the name change.

Here’s one major change I want you to know about: the gratimoments page is gonna be rocking! If you’re new here, gratimoments are just my little way of saying moments of gratitude. They sound simple and easy. Sometimes they are.  Many times they aren’t, but the effects are incredibly powerful!

I’ll now be able to post some blogs directly onto the gratimoment page, meaning don’t forget to check it out on a regular basis. Here are some of the coolest features:

  • there’s a little button you can press and it will link you to twitter with the hashtag #gratimoment in place. Come join the party and share what you’re grateful for.
  • Those #gratimoment hashtags are gonna start showing up on the gratimoment page. That means that any time you use the hashtag on twitter or instagram, it’ll appear on the gratimoment page, too! How fun is that? I hope you’ll join me in painting that page in gratitude!

Another new addition is that I’m partnering with GroundWire Ministries to provide you with prayer support. Just click the button on the side and it’ll connect you with someone ready to listen and pray!

Those are a few of the changes, but here’s what’s the same: it’s the same ol’ me. I’ll still be chiming in about things I’m grateful for, as well as telling stories that hopefully make us all think of God a little differently while pulling us closer to Him. But most of all, this is still our safe place, this little spot of internet where we can be real and admit to the complexities of life and its crazy challenges.

Speaking of crazy challenges, many of you know I’ve been living in one for much too long. It’s a big reason I had to sign off a few weeks ago to sit back, catch my breath, and just rest in God. I wish I could say I have clear direction for the future or that my heart is suddenly strengthened. Hard is hard, no matter how you coat it, but there’s a beauty in walking this out together. Of knowing some of us are living in the highs of life at the present moment, while others are hoping to hang in there a few more seconds.

And so with that, I say “Welcome!” For me, it’s a welcome back, a return to this little thing I do that somehow helps make sense of everything else. For others, it might be a welcome here to this site. But I hope it’s a welcome home for us all as we come and reflect together on things that draw us a bit closer to the heart of God.

Welcome, friend.


Green Lights

The accident sent me over the edge.

It taught my dad.

Here’s what he has to say (my mom showed me a copy of this and I immediately asked if I could share it with you. You’re in for a treat):

A couple of months ago I walked into my daughter’s living room and saw a large piece of construction paper taped to a cabinet.  On it, from her, our grandkids, the grandkids friends and my daughter’s friends were things that they were thankful for.  The usual things like hugs and kisses and various foods were on there along with some humorous items.  As I read through them I recalled driving to church the previous day.  I had been so happy because I had driven from Santa Fe and Mineral, down Santa Fe to Hampden all the way to the bridge over I-25 before I had to stop at a red light.  I know that the traffic lights are there to help keep us safe.  I have been at intersections where the traffic signals have stopped working and the intersection becomes a 4 way stop.  The traffic soon backs up in all directions.  But it is so much more fun to keep moving through the stop lights.  So I wrote “green lights” on the poster.  I have to admit that I sometimes get impatient waiting at red lights, especially if there are no vehicles going through the green lights while I am waiting.

Recently Nancy and our grandson Gabe were going through a green light and were broad sided by a van whose driver didn’t see the red light.  What a painful reminder that the red lights, if obeyed, help keep us safe.  At least for a while I won’t mind waiting at red lights.  So I am now thankful for green lights, red lights and the ability to see the difference between one and the other.

As I think about this I can’t help but wonder how often God has put a red light in my life for my good and I get impatient waiting for it to turn green.  I wonder how many times I have run through one of life’s red lights because I didn’t want to wait.  I pray that God will allow me to see every red light in front of me whether it is a traffic signal or one of life’s situations that I may not understand at the time. And I will continue to thank Him for the green lights.

Courtesy Flickr: Tau Zero

A note from Stacy: Thanks, all, as I’ve been sitting at a red light. I think it’ll turn green soon, but let me tell ya, I SO needed a break!

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