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Joy Dance

I’m itching torobbie signing joy dance tell you about a book that I just love, but before I do, I have to tell you a bit about the author. You see, if someone is brave enough to write Joy Dance: 52 Joy-votions that Free your Heart to Grow in Jesus, then you’d hope they exude joy, make you relish your time with them, and leave you a little better off than before you met them. Robbie Iobst does all of those things. I’m privileged to call her one of my dearest friends, walking this journey of life close enough together to know that this woman really does boogie. She is funny beyond belief, but she isn’t one of those humorous people who can’t stop laughing when life is way too hard to chuckle. She has compassion, depth, and sincerity, as does her new book Joy Dance.


PP Dance is a compilation of 52 joy-votions. You can read one every Monday throughout the course of the year (if you have that much self-control. Me, well, once I start reading anything by Robbie, I can’t stop!). While they definitely live up to the title and free us to grow in Jesus, they are real and authentic, combining real-life events with practical applications of scripture and faith. Some were penned while Robbie’s husband recovered from a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Another is in response to the shooting at the Aurora movie theaters and the subsequent fear Robbie (and every other person) felt. They are bold.



Each one only takes a few minutes to read, yet it resonates in my head throughout the day, challenging and transforming me.

Joy Dance is now available and let me tell you, you don’t want to miss getting your hands on one! In fact, if you want an autographed copy, Robbie will be at Pots Tea this Saturday, 12/29, from 1-3 pm (on the NE corner of Quebec and County Line in Highlands Ranch). She’ll have door prizes, but even better, if you don’t know her already, you’ll get to meet one of the most joy-filled, authentic people I’ve ever known.

If you can’t make it to her book launch, Joy Dance is also available on Robbie’s website or on amazon.

Get ready to dance!



  1. Wow. Thank you so much, Stacy! :0)

  2. I’m reading it now and it will not last me the year. I’ll probably have it finished in a few weeks. I’m reading them in the morning and at night. I read a couple at a time b/c they’re so encouraging, one is never enough.

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