Tools for Studying the Bible

Ever wanted to go deeper into studying your Bible, but weren’t sure how? Where do you begin? How can you get more meaning and application out of what you read? What if you don’t understand something? Want to get more out of your quiet times without purchasing an anthology of commentaries? Click here to get answers to all of these questions and to find out about a few of the fabulous, free online resources at your disposal. Studying the Bible

The Consequences of Complaining

Do your grumblings and murmurings have any affect on God? You just might be surprised! Read this sample chapter from Enough: Quenching the Insatiable Thirst for More at your own risk.

Learning to be Content

Ever wanted to be content, but the likelihood of living it on a day-in and day-out basis is as far-fetched as winning the lottery? Have you stopped yourself before even trying? Well despair no more. There’s a secret that changed my perspective on contentment and just might do the same on yours.  Learning to be Content

Steps for an Effective Time-out

Yes, this is referring to time-outs for kids. It might seem a bit weird on this website, but I’ve found that when my kids are unruly and running me over, contentment, hope and joy are long-lost ideals. By employing these steps, my house became more peaceful and enjoyable (with time, though. At first I had little ones in the time-out corner so often that it cut into our days, but it was well worth it). Hope this is a blessing to you and a special thanks to my friend, Dianne Daniels, for letting me share. Steps for an Effective Time-Out

Feel free to copy or distribute any of my materials above, just please be sure to include my name and a link to this website. If you want to make copies of the time-out sheet, please contact Dianne Daniels first.

Common College Application Essay–Getting Started

Don’t let all those years of studying go to waste by getting stuck on your common app essay. Here are some tips to get you started.

We long to make a difference, but oftentimes budgets are stretched too thin or we have limited amounts of time. Below are some suggestions as to how we can help change the world, many of which hardly cost a thing.

Ways to Help Others

Mats for the Homeless (You’ve gotta read this!!)

What do you do with those plastic grocery bags? Did you know there’s a great use for them? While cardboard gets wet and cold, mats for the homeless  out of plastic grocery bags repel water and reflect the sun.  Watch this video to learn how to make them or click the following for written directions: Making Plastic Sleeping Mats for the Homeless.


Many people around the world want to start a small business to support their family, but don’t have the capital to do so.  Kiva gives out micro loans, making that dream possible.  You get to decide who you want to loan money to, get updates on their progress, and then re-loan your original investment once it gets returned to you.  This is the best $25 you’ll ever spend! Even better is that Kiva is currently giving away free trial loans, so all you need to do is pick someone to give the money to, but it won’t even cost you a penny!  You’ll need to use this link to access the free trial loans.

Project Cure

Project Cure receives medical supplies that would otherwise be disposed of and distributes them around the world. One way you can help is by sorting supplies.  You can even make a girls night of it!  Learn more

Voice of the Martyrs

Christians are the most persecuted people group. Listen to their voice, send an encouraging note to someone imprisoned for their faith, or help parachute Bibles into closed countries.  Learn more

World Vision

Sponsor a child, impact a community, or find out about food crises. My kids have loved getting pictures, updates and letters from our boys around the world.  This has been an incredible way of teaching my kids how to think beyond what we can see.  Learn more

One Day Without Shoes

Do you think you could make it a day without shoes? I tried last year–and failed!  Raise awareness for those who can’t afford a pair.  Learn more

Heifer International

Animals such as cows, goats and chickens offer a sustainable source of food and income.  Learn more