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Becoming Dynamic: The Gift I Needed Without Knowing It

Image Courtesy: Flickr, Sean McAntee

Image Courtesy: Flickr, Sean MacEntee

“What is it? What is it?” my kids chant in unison whenever I open a package. “Here, let me help you,” they offer as they climb onto my lap and tear into the paper.

My kids LOVE getting presents, so much so that they’ll help someone else open their gift when they know they don’t have one coming. I won’t lie: I don’t dislike gifts, but they don’t have as much impact on me as they do on others.


There is one gift that comes to mind that I just adore. Well, I do now. At first I didn’t–it was like getting clothes for Christmas as a child, something necessary yet not really enjoyable. Useful. Ugh.

But with time, I’ve come to see that this gift isn’t really just necessary. I mean, it is, although there are countless people that don’t have it. They survive, at least from all obvious perspectives, but this lack becomes noticeable. But I appreciate it on such a deeper level as I’ve recognized this gift is life giving. Freeing. Enlightening.

Wanna know what it is?

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

You see, I once walked in timidity, my very being bathed in it. It wasn’t just a fear of talking to strangers or being the quiet girl in class. If I was honest, I’d have realized that my fears extended in every direction: scared of what others might think, scared of myself, scared to let anyone see the real me, etc. Now don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being timid. In fact, I’ve just had one of the most incredible facebook conversations with someone who claims to be incredibly timid. But there’s a huge difference between timid and fear (the word for timidity in 2 Timothy 1:7 means: “timidity, fearfulness, cowardice.” Source:

Like I said, I didn’t appreciate those gifts of a spirit of power, love and self-discipline when I first received them. How could I? I was too fearful to believe they were really intended for me! Yet somehow along the way, I started inviting God to let me better understand who He says I am. That’s a whole different story, but I can now look in the mirror and like the person I see. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with those gifts living inside me, shaping me, molding me, empowering me to believe that God created something special when He formed me, just like He had something exquisite in mind when He made you (many of you will have to stop and read that again. Do it as many times as you need to. It’s okay, I’ll still be here when you’re done!).

Yes, there’s a power that ruminates within, not some mystical thing that comes from wearing a special bracelet or drinking an energy drink. This power is best understood when we look at the transliteration of the original Greek word:


Are you thinking dynamite? Dynamic? Yup, me too! That is the power of Christ in us–dynamic, always moving and changing, allowing it to transform us. Dynamis also means ability. Perhaps its the ability for us to embrace who God says He is, the ability to embrace who He says we are, the ability to know that He takes people as messed up as me and uses them to somehow bring others closer to Him. That is nothing short of dynamite!

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  1. My 10-year-old lived out this verse beautifully yesterday. A friend criticized her personality and told her to change it. My daughter boldly said, ”I like the way God made me and I’m not going to try to change it.”

    I find that God gives us the courage and self-control we need to do His work and follow His will. Perhaps when we are too afraid to act it is God’s way of saying ”no” or ”not yet.” When it is time to move, the passage says He DOES give us the spirit we need.

    • Dianne, that’s just amazing, especially at 10!!! What an awesome sense of self while also being able to give proper credit where it’s due!!!

  2. Thanks for inviting me to you blog link Stacy! Will add your button to my blog hop page.

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well. : )

    • Cathy, thanks for adding me to your blog hop page and for swinging by here! And no need to thank me for visiting your blog ‘cuz the pleasure was all mine!

  3. LOVE this. We are God’s firecrackers!

    I tried to pick one piece of this verse, but I decided to eat the whole pie. And it was gooood.

    • You weren’t kidding girl. It was GOOD!! Thank you so much for sharing and for letting me glean even more on this verse!! And I just love your description that we’re God’s firecrackers!! 🙂

  4. Thank you all for commenting or linking in for the first-ever Eyes in the Word Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I learned SO MUCH just by reading everyone else’s comments and posts. I just can’t wait to see what happens through this–I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty terrific! Thanks again!

  5. This scripture just keeps coming up this week. Gods talking to me a lot on this. Very exciting! Thank you as always for your blog. Love it.

  6. Your thoughts match perfectly with what I have been thinking about all week. I’ve been thinking about how God knows what we need, not necessarily what we want. Like a gift, we might want something, but is it truly what we need? Most times it isn’t. It may be new and shiny, but it leaves us wanting for more in just a short time. The gift of Christ is one that never leaves us wanting for something different or better. Thank you for this!

    • Jeanni, I so agree that the gift of Christ is one that never leaves us wanting, or at least it shouldn’t, yet . . .
      But I totally love what you said about the gift, especially that it might not be the ones we want, but truly need.

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